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CRM 101: A Complete Guide

Today’s sales pipelines can have dozens of touchpoints. Keeping up with your customers is a challenge for any business, and even more so for small businesses and solopreneurs.

But with a CRM solution, you can bring all the data you’ll need for your sales and marketing strategies into a single platform. It boosts your efficiency and productivity and gives your customers a more personalized experience.

CRM Software in Brampton

What does a CRM system do?

CRM Software Brampton

A CRM integrates with other platforms and tools and helps you track and create a complete image of what your customers do online and offline, and  helps you create better experiences for your customers and leads.

69% of customers appreciate personalization, but only if based on data they’ve directly shared with the business.

And 53% of businesses say first-party data is higher quality than third-party.

A CRM helps you aggregate first-party data and deliver these personalized experiences effectively.

CRM Software in Brampton

How exactly does a CRM help you?

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Track and compile customer data across channels: By integrating with other services like an ecommerce platform or social media tools, a CRM gets access to user actions in real time across channels.

Track, nurture, and score leads: Use these additional data points to score leads and assign them to the right sales reps.

Contact management: Store and provide easy access to relevant contact information for all leads and customers.

Build and manage sales pipelines: Create processes that make it easier for your sales team to close deals at scale.

Track customer actions to provide a personalized experience: Integrate with ecommerce platforms, websites, and point of sale systems to track your customers’ purchases and other actions and use that data to personalize your sales and marketing efforts.

Gather, analyze, and report on data: More easilyake data-based decisions about adjusting your marketing messaging, target market, etc.

Incorporate automation to speed up sales/marketing tasks: In a hectic workday, it’s easy for sales reps to forget to send a message or leave a note. CRMs let reps automate tasks like post-call notes and tags or notifications to senior sales reps when certain actions take place.

Breaks down barriers/silos between departments: One issue a lot of companies face is a disconnect between sales, marketing, and customer service. With CRM, you can integrate data from the departments’ various tools —destroying silos and improving cooperation.

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Who can use a CRM?

Do you run a business that sells any kind of product or service to any level of customer (whether business or consumer)? Any business with a sales, marketing, or billing team can use a CRM

A CRM tool can help you better understand your customer needs and optimize your sales, marketing, and customer support efforts. It can help you streamline your efforts and deliver a unified customer experience across channels.

Just 24% of businesses say they are successfully doing omnichannel personalization, with silos and infrastructure as key barriers.

A CRM can help you bridge that gap.

CRM Software Brampton

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CRM Software Brampton

What a customer profile looks like inside the Digital Media Solutions CRM

 you can set up an automated workflow for nurturing high-quality leads before sending them on to sales.

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CRM use cases for sales teams

Sales teams often struggle to give customers the experience they want. 77% of B2B buyers say their last purchase was difficult or complex. A CRM can help simplify it — 70% of sales professionals say a CRM system is very important in closing deals.

Sales teams can use a CRM to:

Identify and track leads and prospects

Automate lead scoring and evaluation efforts

Prioritize VIP clients and high-value potential customers

Build/manage/optimize sales pipelines

Find opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling

Offer seamless transitions when customers move between sales reps

Collaborate and share data with marketing departments to provide a better experience

Create a complete image of every customer journey and all their interactions with your business

CRM use cases for marketing teams

Marketing departments often work from vague personas rather than a real-time image of their customers.

Marketing departments can use a CRM to:

Qualify and nurture leads to send to sales

Segment customers and prospects based on gathered data

Plan, execute, and automate personalized campaigns

Automate tasks like drip campaigns and follow-ups

CRM Software Brampton

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